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Have a Safe Fourth of July!

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This long weekend is a time for celebrations, backyard barbecues, beach parties, fireworks and of  course underage drinking. Did you know that the a 2014 study by SAMHSA showed the number of underage drinking-related visits to the emergency room was 87 percent higher during the Fourth of July weekend than any other day in July. So […]

Socialization Through Technology

Socializtion Thru Technology

Socialization is an entirely different animal these days. When we were younger we would spend most of our waking hours hanging out together shooting the breeze – face to face –  or in the case of my sister on her Princess phone for hours with her girlfriends. Bottom line – we were engaged in personal […]

Internet Addiction?

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When someone mentions addiction, the first thing that usually pops into your head is drugs, alcohol or tobacco. With the increase use and availability of technology, young people are becoming addicted to the internet. Does your teen have symptoms of such an addiction. To find out, Click here to read an interesting article on the […]

Asleep on Their Feet

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If you have a teenager, you know what I mean. Most teens don’t get to bed til late and have to get up way too early for school. They are like zombies in the morning. It not only affects their ability to learn but also other important things like driving a car. Check out a […]

Did You Drink When You Were My Age?

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Communication is a key to a healthy relationship with your child. But what happens when they ask you the dreaded questions – Did you drink when you were my age? Did you smoke pot? How do you respond?  Do you tell them the truth? Do you lie? Click here to read a great article on this […]

Resilient Kids – A Must


Raising a child in today’s world is not easy. This is especially true when you have to deal with a traumatic event. We, as parents, must teach our children to be resilient; able to handle adverse situations. They will face many such obstacles as they grow up and we need to be there for them. […]

Teachable Moment – Marijuana

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This week presents a wonderful opportunity for a teachable moment you can have with your teen regarding marijuana. Why, you ask? Well this [Thursday] is April 20th or 4-20. That is a significant date to marijuana users. It is a day they celebrate by smoking marijuana. There are many stories on how it got started. Here […]