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Labor Day Weekend – A Time to Celebrate the End of the Summer

labor day DWI

Labor Day weekend is bittersweet.  It’s a three day weekend and many celebrate with bbqs and parties but it also marks the end of the summer and back to the daily grind.  But it is still a time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, with any holiday we see a spike in automobile accidents, […]

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Getting Back Into a Routine


Summer is almost gone and school is about to begin. During the summer months we tend to relax the rules a bit and schedules are much more fluid.  But when school starts, we need to get back to structure and routines – not only for such things as curfews, bedtimes, etc but equally important should […]

The Non-Opioid Problem

teen studying

With all the talk surrounding  the opioid “epidemic”, parents may overlook another potential opportunity their teen may have to abuse a controlled substance.  It revolves around ADD and ADHD medications – Ritalin and Adderall.  Some teens call it the “study drug” while others use it lose weight or just for extra boost of energy. Either […]

Summertime Can Be A Dangerous Time For Teens


Summertime is fun time, right? No school, nice weather, free time to hang out with your friends, no curfew. The list goes on and on, but summertime can be a dangerous time for some teens. Click here to read an excellent article that not only spells out the dangers but provides good sound advice to […]

Have a Safe Fourth of July!

american flag

This long weekend is a time for celebrations, backyard barbecues, beach parties, fireworks and of  course underage drinking. Did you know that the a 2014 study by SAMHSA showed the number of underage drinking-related visits to the emergency room was 87 percent higher during the Fourth of July weekend than any other day in July. So […]

Socialization Through Technology

Socializtion Thru Technology

Socialization is an entirely different animal these days. When we were younger we would spend most of our waking hours hanging out together shooting the breeze – face to face –  or in the case of my sister on her Princess phone for hours with her girlfriends. Bottom line – we were engaged in personal […]