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The Mother of all Family Dinners

thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s my favorite holiday as it revolves around two of my favorite things – food and family. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to see your adult kids, who always make sure they come home for this special day. It’s a day to eat, talk, eat and talk […]



By this time, everyone on the planet knows what an e-cigarette is but the different types of electronic vaping devices – not so much. Today, I am going to introduce you to a new device which looks like a flash drive.  Aside from being convenient to carry because of it’s size it is almost undetectable […]

Addicted to Technology????

SnapChat imp

Ever wonder why your teen can’t put down their phone, constantly checking to see how many likes they have on Instagram or unable to stop playing a video game. Are they addicted to technology? No but the companies who make the apps and games use a series of tricks to keep you hooked. Click here […]

Do Your Kids PLAY?

Kids playing leaves

In a world filled with technology like iPads, smartphones, laptops, Xboxes, the word “play” takes on a totally different meaning than when we, parents, were young. How many of you Dads remember telling your Mom that you were going into the woods to build a fort and would be home for supper or Moms, jumping […]

Family University Comes to Brewster High School

Brewster Family U Logo

On Thursday October 26th from 6 to 9pm at Brewster High School,  Putnam CTC will be presenting Family University to all middle school students, high school students and their parents. It is an evening of interactive workshops, a light dinner and a community keynote, designed to help young people & their parents navigate through the […]

Marijuana and its Effect on Young People

weed joint

Marijuana is a hot topic these days due to the large number of states that have legalized it either medically or recreationally. New York has a limited medical use which deals just with oils and not the smokeable plant. However, because of these laws many young people do not perceive any risk in smoking “weed”. […]

Labor Day Weekend – A Time to Celebrate the End of the Summer

labor day DWI

Labor Day weekend is bittersweet.  It’s a three day weekend and many celebrate with bbqs and parties but it also marks the end of the summer and back to the daily grind.  But it is still a time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, with any holiday we see a spike in automobile accidents, […]

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Getting Back Into a Routine


Summer is almost gone and school is about to begin. During the summer months we tend to relax the rules a bit and schedules are much more fluid.  But when school starts, we need to get back to structure and routines – not only for such things as curfews, bedtimes, etc but equally important should […]