Community-Based Services

We, along with our community partners provide educational forums and presentations to faculty, parents and students throughout Putnam County. This includes participating in community events and health fairs. We also collaborate with our partners to provide Naloxone Overdose Prevention Training to the community.

In addition, the Putnam Communities That Care Coalition and the Prevention Council of Putnam host an annual prevention conference each Fall and co-sponsor the Mid-Hudson Prevention Conference in the Spring.

We also provide staff development programs to local schools districts and community service agencies.

Drug Free Communities

The DFC program, in collaboration with the Communities That Care (CTC) Coalition, aims to reduce substance abuse among youth by addressing community factors that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse. The CTC Coalition includes individuals from all sectors of the community who work together to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors through education, enforcement, and policy initiatives. If you are interested in joining the Putnam County CTC Coalition please contact our Coalition Coordinator at

Information and Referral

We provide information about alcohol and other drugs, and confidential referrals for individuals and family members seeking treatment for alcoholism and drug dependencies and self help programs.

Problem Gambling Prevention Program

The Problem Gambling Prevention Program is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the negative impact that problem and compulsive gambling has on the individual, family and community while ensuring access to preventative and treatment services. For many people gambling is a fun and entertaining activity. For some, gambling is an unhealthy habit and/or addiction. For these individuals, gambling not only negatively affects their finances, it controls their lives. Many problem and compulsive gamblers feel real physical and mental symptoms while their relationships are severely altered and diminished. There is help and hope for people experiencing the addiction of gambling. For more information please visit our problem gambling prevention page.

Recovery Services

Friends of Recovery Putnam is comprised of Putnam County community members who are in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders, their family members, and allies. Our mission is to promote a positive view of recovery, and to reduce stigma.

For more information on how to join this movement click here.

Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience ® (SIDNE)

SIDNE® is a behind the wheel driving experience that makes the dangers of distracted and impaired driving real and personal. Drivers and passengers can safely experience a simulation of what happens when they attempt to operate a vehicle while impaired or distracted. SIDNE ® is now being introduced to enable high school students, college students, and parents to experience firsthand the often unimagined impact of driving while impaired. SIDNE ® is a prevention initiative utilized and demonstrated in a collaborative effort by NCADD Putnam, Putnam County CTC Coalition and the Putnam County Youth Bureau, to deliver engaging and hands-on lessons about the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and the dangers of distracted driving. Other activities include Fatal Vision ® Impairment Goggles, Distract-A-Match ®, simulated field sobriety test, Intoxiclock ® and Sum-It-Cup ®.

Sobriety Medallions

Alcohol Anonymous (AA) sobriety medallions are a special gift to acknowledge the success of those who are in recovery from alcohol addiction. AA medallions encourage and celebrate milestones of recovery. The medallions recognize anniversary dates beginning at 90 days, and annually from one to fifty years. The Prevention Council of Putnam office has a supply of AA sobriety medallions available for groups and individuals in the community at a low cost (prices vary depending on medallion). Please call PCoP office at 845-225-4646 to request medallions for AA members and friends.

Teen Intervene

An evidenced-based early intervention program targeting 12 to 19 year-olds who display the early stages of alcohol or drug use problems (e.g., using or possessing drugs during school) but do not use these substances daily or demonstrate substance dependence. Integrating stages of change theory, motivational enhancement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, this intervention aims to help teens reduce and ultimately eliminate their alcohol and other drug use.

Victim Impact Panel

The Putnam County Victim Impact Panel (VIP) Program is a collaboration between The Prevention Council of Putnam, Putnam County Probation Department, Putnam County STOP DWI and the Walter Hoving Home. The program provides bi-monthly forums on the consequences of drunk driving from people whose lives have been impacted by a drunk driver. Other panel members include people in recovery, emergency services providers, police officers, or even a DWI/DWAI offender. People convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) are mandated by the courts to attend VIP with the aim of reducing recidivism.